Another day, another salad - Potato salad

Okay so to start with, I ate this salad some time ago and can't find my notes anywhere... So instructions on this might be a little bit vague. But it's just a salad and it doesn't really matter th├ít much. Does it? It's pretty delicious (and simple) anyway so I just had to post. It's nice and green and the apple gives it such a fresh bite, it works wonderfully with the dressing. You should try, really!


Food equals love

You know how memory is associated with taste and sound and smell? My memories get activated by taste. The most precious of my childhood memories are associated with good food. I can remember tastes from when I was two years old. One of my first memories associated with taste is actually quite a bad one, even though I remember only the good part. It's the day my tonsils we're removed. I was almost two years old, it was the fifth of december. Which is, by the way, a holiday in the Netherlands. It's Sinterklaas. Not very surprising, there wasn't a waiting list that day. They put me in a bed on wheels, which was very exciting. My mom and dad were there as was my beloved teddy bear Bobine. I got my narcosis and it tasted like banana. I love banana. All I remember is this, a fantastic party in a riding bed. I can't seem to recall what happened afterwards, but my parents told me the rest of the story. When I woke up, I was angry. All this excitement and a nice bananatastingnarcosis and then waking up with nightmarish pain. Sinterklaas (a sort of Dutch Santa Claus) came in bringing me a present and I threw it away and yelled at him. I was furious at him and my parents and went to sleep. Waking up, the first thing I asked for was my present. Which was, by the way, a supernice puzzle of Donald Duck.


Sunny salad

Summer has only showed it's face for a moment here in the Netherlands, and it's been raining ever since. Thankfully we can bring summer into our kitchen and on to our plates! 

Favourite song ever.

And another one to whistle the summer back to the Netherlands. This song is a perfect companion to the Sunny salad above. Don't try whistling with your mouth full though!


Summer ratatouille out of the oven

The reason I'm calling this 'summer ratatouille' is because I make ratatouille a lot and find new ways to prepare it each and every time I eat it. In winter I'll make it a bit heavier, using canned tomatoes and lot's of thyme and maybe some red wine. In the summer, I try to keep it as pure as possible, giving the fresh ingredients (tomatoes!) the spotlight they deserve. When I ate this it was 30 degrees outside and I wanted to keep it fresh and light. I planned to eat this with couscous but I sinned big time by eating half a bag of crisps before cooking and completely ruined my appetite. So I just ate it by itself. I love this way of preparing ratatouille. Tomatoes have a habit of becoming even better when put in the oven for some time, you really get the best out of them this way. I have a few more recepies in store involving baked tomatoes, so if you like this, stay tuned.