I love my... Morning coffee

Is there anything as good as waking up to the smell of coffee? When I'm still half asleep and I hear someone cluttering in the kitchen, I smile and dive even deeper in my bed, in the anticipation of having my coffee brought to me. It's the ultimate morning-luxury, especially for someone occasionally plagued by terrible morning moods. You'd think my boyfriend loves me very much making me coffee-on-bed but my guess is it's self-preservation.  

The morning coffee addiction runs in the family. I remember my dad making my mom a cup of coffee when I was still very, very small. She used to drink it with sugar back then and I could pour it in, feeling very important being in charge of the sugar. 

Later, when I started drinking coffee myself, we had an AGA cooker. I was a lazy teenager and always the last to be downstairs in the morning. Every morning I came running downstairs, clothes still unbuttoned, hair hanging loose, already half out of the door, I always found a cup coffee waiting for me on the AGA. She made me a cup every day, no matter how late I was. You may understand I only came to fully appreciate this when I left home and had to make my own. It was one of the many reasons I've been homesick for quite a while.

A desire for coffee as big as mine is not always as easy to satisfy, especially when you're travelling. When I was in Russia some time ago we slept in a hostel where there was barely breakfast, let alone a decent cup of coffee. Well okay there was breakfast. There was a huge Russian lady toasting bread for hours in a row, resulting in stacks and stacks of toast. But that's beside the point. Anyway, usually I'm quite picky about my latte, it should be very milky and VERY large. I drink my coffee in cups that are probably meant for eating soup. But when we visited a lawfirm in Moscow and I smelled coffee I stocked up on cafeine, not caring for taste or milk or size of the cup. When we were flying from Moscow to st. Petersburg you can only imagine my joy to discover a Costa Coffee (similar to Starbucks). Real coffee! With milk! In a bowl! They even minimised the amount of foam. I fell in love with them on the spot. 

Because well, I have an issue with foam. I like it, sure. A tiny amount. I don't like a latte that's half foam. There is nothing as frustrating as buying your 5 euro latte at Starbucks, getting it handed over to you and feeling that it is way too light to be filled with coffee. Anxiously you take a sip, hoping it isn't so. And yes, it happened again, most of your luxurious way too expensive meant-to-be-a-treat cup of coffee is... Foam. Grrr.... Next time, order a wet latte. And there it is, your perfect latte, no foam. Nice!

I've thought about quitting coffee, out of health considerations. But here I am, in my bed on a sunday morning, enjoying my bowl of extralarge wet soy latte to the very last sip. Coffee is my ritual. It's as dear to me as skinny jeans and nailpolish. What is that thing you say, don't change a winning horse?

What is your morning ritual, are you as hooked on coffee as I am?

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  1. No self preservation, just love ;)