Sunny salad

Summer has only showed it's face for a moment here in the Netherlands, and it's been raining ever since. Thankfully we can bring summer into our kitchen and on to our plates! 

I was inspired to combine avocado and mango by a new book I bought, the Flavour Thesaurus by Niki Segnit. I really like it a lot and will be telling you more about it soon! But for now, a quick recepy before I have to get to work.

Grocery list
1 Mango
1 Avocado
1/3 Cucumber
1 Lime
Olive oil

Chop up the vegetables and arrange them on a plate. Mix 1 (small) teaspoon of harissa with the juice of 1 lime and 2 tablespoons of olive oil, drizzle over the salad and toss so everything is coated in dressing. Harissa is a moroccan spicy paste of chillies, which is spicy and sweet and a little garlicky at the same time. It gives this salad the kick it needs without becoming too overpowering (it doesn't barge in demanding all the attention, killing your tastebuds and making it impossible to taste the subtle creamy taste of your avocado, you know). 
I ate all of this by myself... Which was way too much. With some bread it might just be enough for two non-greedy people. In my defense, I was really really hungry. And I'm not the type of girl who shares her avocado. I really love avocado. And mango.

OK I'm running late, eat this!


  1. woooooooooow dit ziet er lekker uit!!!

  2. Ik zit dus net een nectarine te eten en ik dacht dat dat ook wel heel lekker erbij kan zijn!! :)

  3. Mhm! ziet er heerlijk uit! Ik vind mango's altijd zo moeilijk te kopen, nooit rijp genoeg of net te rijp :) xx

  4. ziet er heerlijk uit! dit ga ik binnenkort proberen