Another day, another salad - Potato salad

Okay so to start with, I ate this salad some time ago and can't find my notes anywhere... So instructions on this might be a little bit vague. But it's just a salad and it doesn't really matter th├ít much. Does it? It's pretty delicious (and simple) anyway so I just had to post. It's nice and green and the apple gives it such a fresh bite, it works wonderfully with the dressing. You should try, really!

Grocery list
- About six small potatoes, I used pommes parisiennes (for the Dutchies, krieltjes!)
- Green beans, a handful
- 1 Granny smith apple
- Lettuce
- Handful of pumpkin seeds
- Yoghurt
- Mustard

Rinse the potatoes, don't skin them. Cook until done (about 15 mins). Cut the green beans in one-bite-pieces. Cook the green beans. Don't cook them too long, they have to remain green and crispy. It takes about 5 minutes. Roast the pumpkin seeds until they start to pop. Chop up the apple and let the potatoes cool down. You can also rinse them off with some cold water. Mix your dressing: take 2 tblsp of yoghurt, 1 tblsp of olive oil and 1 of mustard and mix. Add a little salt. Arrange everything on a plate and enjoy!

PS: I was just thinking... This might be absolutely delicious with some raw spinage instead of lettuce. 

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  1. I am going to make this tomorrow! I am craving for potato salad for tooo long already! :)