This is not cooking - Bruschetta

I usually make this is as a small bite before dinner, to make sure my guests aren't starving while I'm cooking. I just use smaller slices of bread. Last week however I was just too tired to cook properly so I ate it for dinner while watching Monte Carlo (with Selena Gomez, Katie Cassidy and Leighton Meester). Which is a tip if you like horrifying chickflick as much as I do.

I have to warn you about one thing, I'd recommend eating this when you're by yourself or with people who are close to you and don't mind you eating like an apeman. Not very suitable for first dates, I think. It's just impossible to eat this in an elegant manner! When I was done eating this I didn't have to moisturize anymore - my face was completely covered in olive oil. I couldn't stop thinking about SATC and overeating. Ieuuww...

Final note: if, like me, you don't like raw onion and intend on skipping this - you really don't have to. Because of the bread and the mozzarella it's really not as dominant as it can be in a salad. It's also a little less sharp because you marinate the onion a bit in the olive oil and tomato fluids. I cheated though, I left some of the onion on my plate. 

Grocery list (serves 1 for dinner/lunch)
- 2 skinned tomatoes, cut in pieces
- 1/2 small onion, cut small
- olive oil
- basil
- 2 thick slices of white-ish bread

Prepare a bowl of boiling water full enough for the tomatoes to be covered. Carve a cross on the bottom and put in the bowl - leave it there for a minute or two. Take them out, the skin has bursted and you can easily peel it off now. Slice the tomatoes in small pieces, put in a bow with the onion, a nice jug of olive oil and salt and pepper. Let it marinate for a half hour or so.
Put the two slices of bread in the oven and toast. I like my bread just slightly toasted. Slice the mozzarella and put in on the bread with the tomato mixture and fresh basil. Add some salt and pepper. Indulge.

PS: Make sure you have some leftovers, I have a great recepy coming up that involves more basil , tomato and bread. Mmmmmmm.