Sometimes, it's really this simple

To eat well doesn't mean one should always have to spend hours in the kitchen. Sometimes, it's simply knowing where to go, and what to buy. Once you've invested some time in browsing the shops near your house, half the work is done. I am a very lucky girl to have a fantastic grocery store really close, where they do not only have the best tomatoes (also featured in the tabouleh) but also a fantastic feta cheese. That store made me fall in love with feta cheese. You think this salad isn't special? Think again. Those tomatoes are supersweet, the basil smells so fresh and that feta cheese is heaven. It's salty, it's creamy, it's soft, it's my favourite. It's just so good.

What I've been trying to say before I got distracted by the thought of feta cheese... I've spend more time licking my lips looking at this salad than I have making it. My tip for tonight is, look further than the closest supermarket. Is there a market nearby? Go check it out! It will make your cooking easier, your food tastier and, probably cheaper. I mean, who can spend 2 euro's on fresh parsley? And who would be satisfied by getting only a tiny container? You want a whole bunch! How else are you going to make that tabouleh!

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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  1. Ooooh ik krijg hier trek van! ziet er herlijk uit, die ga ik morgen maken :)