On walnuts

Same recepy as written below, but with walnuts. It's delicious! I ate it with french ratatouille, which was a great combination. But more about that later, because I want to talk some more about walnuts. Did you know walnuts are the healthiest nuts? 
Scientists found that commpared to other nuts, walnuts contain the highest level of antioxidants. Antioxidants stop the chain reactions in our cells that cause diseases, so regular consumption of food with high levels of antioxidants can reduce the risk of disease. Walnuts are real beautyfood as well, since walnuts contain linoleic acid. This helps maintaining the skins structure so it remains soft, supple and beautiful. Sounds good, right? All that and tasty too :-)



  1. Ik heb je blog net ontdekt! wat een heerlijke recepten! Ik maak mijn brood ook altijd zelf, ruikt te lekker :) xx

  2. Wat leuk, welkom! :) Ja heerlijk he, en het voelt ook zo ouderwets :)