For those moments when you want to drink your breakfast

I tend to get really slow in the morning. I spend an hour deciding what to wear and by the time I’m rushing out the door I haven’t even finished my makeup yet. Since women are supposed to be multitaskers I figured out a way to have breakfast and get dressed properly, at the same time. Curious? Jump!

I blend my breakfast! It's so simple it's genious, right? I take one banana, 200 ml. of orange juice (I use fresh juice), 200 ml. of buttermilk and 2 to 3 table spoons of oatmeal and blend it. Since you blend the oats you don’t have to chew. The banana and the oats will provide you the necessary energy, whereas the juice gives you a nice boost of vitamin C. Of course you can use whatever fruit you like. I can recommend making this the night before. Squeeze some lemon or lime into it, that will prevent the banana from turning brown and the freshness it gives your breakfast smoothie will kick you sleepyheads wide awake. Start waving your morning moods goodbye!

PS: Don't like buttermilk? You can use regular milk instead, or soy.


  1. wat is buttermilk :P? Ik ga dit so-wie-so proberen want ik ben ook een drama in de ochtend en dit klinkt als een slimme (en lekkere!) oplossing!

  2. Buttermilk is karnemelk! Laat maar weten wat je er van vond :)

  3. dat ga ik zeker snel eens testen, klinkt jummie!